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Competitiveness Community of Practice

USAID missions currently support competitiveness projects in at least 10 of the countries of the E&E region. The personnel within the Economic Growth offices of these missions, the implementers of those projects, and the clients/stakeholders that these projects serve all have common interests: to learn “best practices and lessons learned, especially from USAID graduated countries” and from each other, and to identify economic and market opportunities for their client companies. Because of the work of RCI, these individuals have come together both in large conferences and smaller, targeted workshops and round-tables, to share experiences and learn from each other. These events are highly valued – as evidenced by the attendance and participation of almost 200 individuals from more than 10 countries who came together in Montenegro in May 2008. Since its inception, RCI has organized 22 events, in nine countries and has had more than 1100 participants.

In addition, RCI contributes to the regional and global dialogue on competitiveness by producing research papers and analyses on themes of interest, as well as a quarterly newsletter:

Key Themes

  1. USAID Competitiveness Analysis

  2. Global Competitiveness Comparisons