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Below is a list of priority sectors of activities in each USAID Mission in the E&E region. RCI works to identify overlaps and encourage cooperation between the bilateral Missions' projects.

  1. Small projects assistance - introduction of modern management practices through technical assistance, training and firm-level consultancy

  2. Finance & tax - facilitate SME access to credit, and (b) encourage private investment in the issuance of commercial paper; Projects; improve tax processes to make them more business friendly

  3. Support for ICT, tourism and pharmaceutical sectors to increase sales, exports and employment

  4. Energy - increase the availability of bank financing for energy efficiency projects to encourage the development of viable energy efficiency market; improving the enabling environment for the development of renewable energy in Armenia, and supporting Armenia’s integration into regional energy systems and markets

  5. Small scale infrastructure development -  alleviate the impact of the global economic crisis on rural Armenian villages, with an objective to provide emergency employment opportunities through small-scale, labor-intensive infrastructure projects

  1. Improving trade and investment capacity - The DCA program offers the opportunity for SMEs to access larger size loans

  2. Finance - USAID is currently assisting Albania’s Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) to build capital markets as a source of non-bank finance for the private sector.

  3. Agriculture - assisting farmers to grow fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, melons and olives.

  1. Trade capacity development - standardization, certifications, Intellectual property rights

  2. Energy - restructuring of the gas sector; restructuring of public energy companies

  3. Finance - workforce development

  4. Wood processing - workforce development, access to finance and investment promotion, technical assistance, connections to global markets

  5. Agriculture - technical, financial and marketing support for berry producers

  6. ICT applications to improve efficiency and productivity in SMEs in the wood processing, agricultural production/processing, apparel/textile/leather industry, logistic/supply chain management, tourism and light manufacturing sectors

  7. ICT - increase the efficiency of information exchange between the users and providers of services, local administration and entities

  1. Economic management and stability - support for key economic institutions, improvement of commercial legislation, support of for the privatization process and the energy sector

  2. Agriculture & Finance - improvement of credit for agriculture and agribusiness

  3. Energy - accounting and budgeting systems development; regulatory affairs and tariff filing; workforce management and development; and operational and technical support for KEK’s mining, generation, and distribution functions

  1. Finance - expanding the sustainable availability of financial resources to the SME sector, particularly in under-served rural segments of the economy

  2. Development of non-natural resources sectors - provide intensive technical training/support and limited seed capital support to selected sectors demonstrating a strong comparative advantage and potential for job creation and output expansion

  3. Agriculture - expand dairy production of small/medium sized farmers and promote regional collection center linkages to commercial processors for the sustainable development of the existing private dairy farming households and small farmers

  4. Small and medium entrepreneurship - implement high visibility projects, including construction and rehabilitation activities; English language training; and organizational development and project management skill-related training programs for Azerbaijan citizens

  1. Rural Development - assistance for local communities to prepare and implement community development plans; development and rehabilitation of municipal infrastructure

  2. Agriculture - assistance for improvement of agricultural sector productivity; procurement of tractors and related equipment and delivery of market-based mechanized services to smallholder farmers

  3. Employment generation and business development - provision of small grants, facilitation of linkages with micro-finance institutions, and delivery of marketable technical, vocational, and entrepreneurship skills training

  4. Finance & ICT – introduction of new systems, designed to improve the management and monitoring capabilities of interbank payments, foreign reserves and other financial assets, liabilities including the issuance of notes and coins, and banking activities undertaken on behalf of the Government of Georgia; counteraction of cyber attacks

  5. Finance - provision of loan portfolio guarantee to facilitate commercial credit for Georgian small and medium-sized enterprises, including agribusinesses

  6. Energy - GAS, Hydropower: introduction of measures to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy; support for higher education programs in energy; energy policy making; support for energy cooperation and trade among the countries of the region; facilitation of Georgia's participation as observer in the EU Energy Community Treaty process; analysis of the existing high voltage networks from a regional perspective with the aim to identify investments; strategic interventions in gas and power infrastructure; data collection and strategic energy sector modeling

  1. Generation and enhancement of employment and sustained economic growth - Transformation and upgrading of targeted Macedonian industries (ICT, light manufacturing, apparel); Workforce development; Innovation and infrastructure; Access to Finance; Facilitating foreign investment

  2. Agriculture - Value Chain Competitiveness Enhancement Opportunity and Constraints Identification;

  3. ICT - creation of the first technology park in Macedonia - Digital Media

  4. Finance - provision of access to working and investment capital

  1. Agriculture - Tree Fruits, Berry Fruits, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Herbs and Spices, Dairy Products, and Livestock

  2. Other -  improvement of competitiveness in ICT, tourism, film and production, construction services, auto parts, wood processing and furniture, renewable energy

  3. Finance - provision of loans to SMEs, capacity building, tax reforms

  1. Finance - tax reforms; provision of capital and marketing assistance

  2. Agriculture - help local farming communities with strategic marketing, development of farmer cooperatives, assistance with developing budgets and work plans, and training local trainers in financial management and record-keeping

  1. Capacity building - project drafting and project management skills; work with municipalities

  2. Tourism

  3. Agriculture

  1. Finance - provision of capital and management tools for restructuring and expanding private sector projects and attracting outside resources; investment promotion; strengthen the pension system; assistance for building national securities market; improvement of public finance management

  2. Energy - capacity building in alternative energy, fuel cells, industrial and residential energy efficiency, and sustainable and renewable energy source; energy efficiency projects in the municipal sector

  3. Commercial law - improvement of judicial base

  4. Capacity building - practical trainings and internships in the USA

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